Monday, April 30, 2007

Talk Radio Genius

Mike and the Mad Dog are at it again. A caller wanted to discuss last night's playoff game between the Mavericks and the Warriors. Mad Dog had to admit that he hadn't watched the game. Nonetheless, within ten minutes Mad Dog was arguing that Baron Davis is a better player than Allen Iverson. Mike tried to get him off the ledge, pointing out Iverson's MVP award and status as a lock Hall of Famer. Unconvinced, Mad Dog went to the old "If I was starting a team" and "he makes the guys around him better, Iverson doesn't" arguments. This all on the heels of Baron Davis' career week that Mad Dog hasn't watched. He even went so far as to bring up the NCAA title that UCLA (Davis' school) won--when Davis was still in High School.

This is the entertainment value and genius of the Mad Dog. He presents the sort of awkward disaster your parents always told you not to stare at and then invites you, even begs you to stare at him.

My brother once suggested to me that John Madden is a really smart guy who's made millions by pretending to be dumb.

If that's true then Mad Dog is a regular Stephen Hawking.